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  • Charlie’s favourite colour is Red

  • Charlie is a young ambassador for the charity ‘Follow Your Dreams’ and ‘Bullies Out’

  • Charlie began to talk at a really early age by the time she was 18 months old you couldn’t get her to be quiet

  • Charlie’s first ‘performance’ was at two years old when at a Christmas day meal in a restaurant she stood on the table and sang Christmas songs to the whole pub

  • Charlie loves animals her first pet was a guinea pig called ‘Trevor’ She currently has a 9kg cat called ‘Keith’

  • Charlie’s first casting that she submitted for was “The Book Thief” with Dani Geddes. She was successfully cast in the role of Liesel Meminger in February 2015 and this was her first proper shoot and the beginning of her journey as a model.

  • Charlie will only eat tuna and mayonnaise or chicken and stuffing sandwiches

  • Charlie’s two favourite songs of all time are ‘I will always love you’ by Whitney Houston and ‘Before He Cheats’ by Carrie Underwood km  

  • Charlie has been on ITV This Morning where she also met Ant and Dec as well as Eamon Holmes and his wife Ruth Langsford

  • Charlie began reading at just three years old

  • Charlie has raised over £5000 for charities such as The National Autistic Society, Bullies out and Follow Your Dreams

  • Charlie’s celebrity crush is Connor Swindells from the Netflix show Sex Education

  • Charlie’s first filming experience was as an extra for a program called ‘Feral Children’ where she played a Russian orphan in 2010

  • Charlie only sings songs that have she can relate to, the words have to mean something to her

  • Charlie first love was the big purple dinosaur Barney

  • Charlie loves shoes and spends a lot of her money on them. Her favourite brand is ‘Irregular Choice’

  • Charlie likes to read aloud her Ripley’s ‘Believe it or Not’ books to gross everyone out

  • Charlie belongs to lots of charities that she pays into each month. She is a member of the RSPCA, PDSA, RSPB, Woodlands Trust, Clic Sargeant; she sponsors a snow leopard, two dogs at Dog’s Trust, cat kennel at Cats protection, a cat in Rome, a dolphin and whale.

  • Charlie is very generous and likes to give things away to people who she feels need them more than her

  • Charlie loves scary movies, zombies and all things spooky!

  • Charlie was only 10 months old when she first went to the cinema with her mum and she sat through the whole film. She still really enjoys the cinema and goes often

  • Charlie’s favourite chocolate is… well that depends on her mood! It could be Cadburys Marvellous creations, Galaxy or mini eggs

  • Charlie collects tortoise soft toys and fluffy blankets so it takes her half an hour to make her bed every morning!

  • Charlie has always been strong willed and would only wear what she wanted from a very young age. At two years old she would only wear Bob the Builder clothes including boxer shorts luckily now she has better taste

  • Charlie has two tortoises called Stanley and Shelly and recently got a baby chameleon and named him Arthur. Her goal is to have a whole room of reptiles!

  • Charlie has been a zookeeper for the day twice at Dartmouth Zoo the zoo from the story behind the film ‘We Bought a Zoo’

  • Charlie’s favourite fast food is a Macdonald’s quarter pounder with extra cheese and onions her favourite restaurant is Nando’s and wow this girl can eat

  • Charlie swam with Dolphins in Portugal, which was an experience she will never forget. Dolphins are such gentle creatures and she has sponsored one named ‘Rainbow’ since 2010

  • Charlie released baby turtles on a beach in Mexico with a local charity and watched the mothers laying eggs on the beach it was one of her most favourite experiences

  • Charlie wants to be a photographer and is looking forward to attending a residential photography course in Italy in September 2019

  • Charlie recently recorded her story for the BBC for anti-bullying week and it was shown all around the world in Greece and France. In France a class of children were shown it as part of an English Exam and they all contacted her to tell her how amazing she was

  • Charlie loves make up her favourite brands are Morphe, Too Faced, Mac, Urban Decay and Benefit

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