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One To One Workshop with Toby Holmes

Well after not the most fun week at school I finished my week on a creative high! Today I got to meet with local Frome Sculptor Toby Holmes for a one-to-one session. I prepared for our session by collecting lots of items found mostly on beaches washed up by the sea.

I was a little nervous about working with Toby as I wondered whether I would be good enough but he very soon put me at ease. He soon made me feel relaxed and we found we had lots of shared interests particularly conservation.

We looked at all of my bits and some stood out that I wanted to include. Because all of my objects came from the beach/sea we decided to work on a mermaid scene. It was really fun to get creative with another artist and learn some tips and advice along the way.

I was so pleased with my end piece it’s fun and I walked away with lots more ideas for the future! Thank you Toby for inspiring me :-)

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