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Summer and Study

Hi everyone sorry I have been quiet lately but it’s been gcse exams and I have been putting a lot of focus on my art and photography final pieces. Each exam was 12.5hours long so I’m pretty glad it is over and I’m sure everyone else out there taking exams feels the same. I am just putting my final work together in my coursework books ready to hand in Monday. Everything is looking really good so it’s been worth all the hard work. I am going into hospital next Wednesday for surgery on my knee so last night was my last art class. For three weeks I have been working on a sculpture of a Sniffler from fantastic beasts. Last night I finished it off with paint he looks pretty cute doesn’t he?

This is only the second time I’ve used clay to sculpture but it’s definitely a medium I am really enjoying using. Once I’m recovered I will look forward to going back to class to start my next project.

So I have one more day of school on Monday to hand in all my final work and then Tuesday some time to get prepared for surgery. I’m going to be off my feet and recovering for some time so won’t return to school until September. I’m actually looking forward to having some time relaxing with my family and fur babies xx

Love Charlie 

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