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Young Open Comp Winner!!

So today was a pretty exciting day! This year my school entered several of my art pieces for the Young Open competition at Black Swan Arts in Frome. I was thrilled to find out that two of my large pieces, my bottletop octopus and my ‘trash’ wave had been excepted into the exhibition.

There have been a lot of entries this year so I feel really proud that two of my pieces were chosen. I thought that was it but yesterday my art teacher received an email to say I was a prize winner and could I go along to a presentation the next day. You have no idea what prize you could of won it could’ve been anything so I couldn’t wait to find out.

So today we turned up at Black Swan Arts just before the presentation as we were allowed a preview of the exhibition. My two pieces are being displayed in The Round Tower and they look really good. To be honest there was so much amazing work I didn’t actually think I had won anything! We had a look around and made it to the hall for the presentation it was absolutely packed in there which was a bit tricky for someone with Autism  but I was determined to stay. 

When they got to the 12-15 age category they read out the highly commended and my name wasn’t called! I realised this must’ve meant I was a winner in the category and really just couldn’t believe it. I have so much more faith in my photography work than my artwork and yet one of my art pieces had won!

I almost held my breath whilst I waited and then my name was announced as a winner and I went up to receive my prize which is a fantastic one-to-one workshop with sculptor Toby Holmes.

I had my photograph taken and then one in a group with the other winners. Afterwards Toby came over and introduced himself to me and we talked about when we would meet for the workshop and what I could bring.

I am so excited for this it is just the sort of thing I enjoy doing! I am also so proud of myself for this achievement I only started studying art a short time ago and I’ve come so far with lots of hard work and had so much fun whilst learning xx

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